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  1. I have that exact same little bottle filled with some rosin and solvent but don't taste that good. Thinking about adding some terpenes to it. Would that help? I don't want it to go to waste I used like 10gs lol

  2. About how many drops would u say is in one of those small bottles of the potion ? I have a large sized tank so mixing up with only about 8 drops like u did wouldn’t even put a dent in the amount inside of it. I was trying to see if I could just mix up with the whole bottle of potion at once just using more concentrate. Asking for advice from anyone who may have done this before please!

  3. Hey, just sayin, from my research on the terpenes. The ones that make a strain more energetic are beta pinene, and limonene. The terpens that make strains sedative are mrycene and linalool. Humulene and caryophyllene may have some other medicinal effects, like pain reduction, or effects on appetite. But, when it comes to the big players of terpenes, the two with the strongest effects would be myrcene and pinene. Myrcene is strong because it increases the effect of thc somehow (don't remember the exact science, but that's what it does). And pinene has some kind of significant neurochemical effect as well. Pinene may increase memory, so that is the one you want for a mental focussed high, and it may inhibit thc a bit. From what I've read, beta pinene is the more desireable pinene, and affects the head more, for that focused high, while alpha pinene may have some kind of different effect on the body.
    But as you can see in this video, you can buy terpenes by themselves, so I'm going to experiment with extract and see if putting a bunch of myrcene on it is really that much different from a pinene only product, and if a-pinene is really much different from b-pinene.

    And from what I've read, terpenes like limonene and linalool might have more of an effect on smell, limonene coming from oranges, and linalool in lavender. While they may have some effect, I don't think they as strong an effect on the neurochemical level as myrcene and pinene.

  4. how many vapes do you get out of that? he said 0.4-0.5g of that oil will be good for one vape cartridge. Ok…. but that was 3g of weed used. Do you only get one session out of that?

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