Cbd Tincture Almond Oil

Cbd Tincture Almond Oil

Cbd Tincture Almond Oil

Learn How To Measure The THC and Calculate Dosage Of Cannabis Edibles using the tCheck device. Save $$$ with code RUFFHOUSE

The only accurate way to test edibles for potency at home is by using a device such as the tCheck device to calculate the THC in your infused oil. The tCheck will test total THC in olive oil, coconut oil, butter, alcohol tinctures and more options coming later.

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20 Replies to “Cbd Tincture Almond Oil”

  1. How can 104 thc go to 41. Your not changing anything! It's like saying beer has less alcohol after you put it on jerky. Beer is beer an thc is thc. Correct? Am I missing something

  2. Keep up this channel, don't let it die, the production is amazing and you guys really put in work for these vids. As far as I'm concerned you are doing nothing but strengthening the community of weed and you guys are sure as hell teaching a lot of people some really useful tips. Much love

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