Cbd Oil Vs Alcohol Tincture

Cbd Oil Vs Alcohol Tincture

Cbd Oil Vs Alcohol Tincture

Welcome to the HIGH TIMES Kitchen. Today we’re making a marijuana tincture. Tinctures can be made with either grain alcohol or glycerin — we’re using grain alcohol.
The Magical Butter makes this process easy. Simply combine the ingredients and four hours later you have a great ganja infused treat to share with friends! You can find more marijuana recipes at hightimes.com.


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  1. Yeah, the funny thing is that they tell you this machine decarbs in all the High Times videos, but if you call the company for support because your stuff isn't activated, the first question they ask is "Did you decarb?". When you say "no", they ask "why not?".. I promise….

  2. Does tincture made so quickly with the Magic Butter have the chlorophyll taste? I use the old fashioned method and the chlorophyll taste is bad!
    Also, is the potency there with a 4 hour maceration (steep) vs 2 weeks?

  3. i just got my magic butter just a 1/2 hour ago and i'm making a tincture…directions say 130 degrees…and suggest 8 hours as an option…that's my plan. and i used 1 oz/liter grain oh.

  4. She's nice looking in an average sense, so I can't understand all the drooling. On a different note, this is just a demonstration so not important that she puts 10g or 100g in the machine. I would like to have this machine. Only thing I wish she mentioned is the dosage to take. Drink half a cup, shot glass, or a few droplets??? I wouldn't want to get too stoned hahaha.

  5. This could’ve been a great video however you only did half of the procedure. You need to show people how to burn off the alcohol after it sets because what’s going to happen it’s going to burn the crap out of them when they try to put it under their tongue. Next time do a full complete procedure beginning to end and then discuss the effects that would be very helpful.

  6. Rick and Morty fans here? If do u all remember the seen where he went ape ship on that alien to clear his cold in the back of his through.

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